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  • Spencer Frady

Grant Wins First USAC National Midget Feature of 2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Justin Grant in Victory Lane - Photo Supplied by USAC Media Photographer: Al Steinberg

The 2022 USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midgets campaign started with a fast-paced flag-to-flag feature race at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida. Justin Grant came home with the win in a race that did not stop until the checkered flag flew.

Cannon McIntosh started the feature race in the pole position, but his early lead did not last long. Grant was on a mission and slid past on the low side on Lap 2. That slide job turned out to be the winning move of the race as Grant dropped the hammer and drove away from the field. It was smooth sailing for thirty laps, but the red flag did come out after the checkered flag due to a flip in Turns 3 and 4. Emerson Axsom, who had been battling for second, ended up on his lid and officially scored in the 12th position.

Thomas Meseraull may have been Mr. Excitement in the first USAC National Midget feature of 2022. He earned the Hard Charger award for the night after starting 13th and fighting forward to finish fourth in the feature. Also of note, Jade Avedisian picked up her first-ever heat race win by beating Buddy Kofoid to the line earlier in the program.

Winter Dirt Games XIII continues at Bubba Raceway Park on February 12.


Heat 1: 1. Jade Avedisian 2. Buddy Kofoid 3. Thomas Meseraull 4. Cannon McIntosh 5. Tanner Thorson 6. Taylor Reimer 7. Hayden Reinbold 8. Frank Beck

Heat 2: 1. Logan Seavey 2. Dominic Gorden 3. Kevin Thomas, Jr. 4. Brenham Crouch 5. Kaylee Bryson 6. Mitchel Moles 7. Steve Buckwalter 8. Corey Joyner

Heat 3: 1. Bryant Wiedeman 2. Justin Grant 3. Emerson Axsom 4. Ethan Mitchell 5. Jace Park 6. Mariah Ede 7. Chase McDermand 8. Oliver Akard

Semi-Feature: Scratched, All cars to the feature

Feature: 1. Justin Grant 2. Tanner Thorson 3. Brenham Crouch 4. Thomas Meseraull 5. Buddy Kofoid 6. Cannon McIntosh 7. Logan Seavey 8. Bryant Wiedeman 9. Ethan Mitchell 10. Mitchell Moles 11. Kaylee Bryson 12. Emerson Axsom 13. Taylor Reimer 14. Jade Avedisian 15. Jace Park 16. Steve Buckwalter 17. Hayden Reinbold 18. Dominic Gorden 19. Kevin Thomas, Jr. 20. Mariah Ede 21. Frank Beck 22. Corey Joyner 23. Oliver Akard


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