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USAC Releases the 2023 BC39 Format

The 2023 BC39 is set for Sept. 27-30 at the IMS Dirt Track. File photo courtesy USAC Media. Photographer: Frank Smith Photo

Series News Release - USAC Media

Speedway, Indiana (September 22, 2023) - A new format expanded across four nights at The Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway will welcome competitors to an fifth running of the Driven2SaveLives BC39 featuring the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship on September 27-28-29-30.

The competition to make the field for the event has proven to be intense with only 24 starting positions available for the final night’s $20,039-to-win main event on Saturday, September 30 at the action-packed quarter-mile dirt oval inside turn three of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The 39-lap feature race honors late USAC champion and three-time Indianapolis 500 starter Bryan Clauson. In addition, it increases awareness of the Indiana Donor Network and its Driven2SaveLives campaign.

Let’s take a look at the format.


**Wednesday's program will feature all cars on the track for practice.

**The Stoops Pursuit race on Wednesday night is a 25-lap race split into five-lap segments. The field consists of a total of 24 starters. The top-10 drivers in USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship points are locked into the event as are the 10 fastest during Wednesday night’s practice who are not already locked in. Up to four promoters options will be available to start the event.

**The Stoops Pursuit starting lineup is inverted by fastest hot lap time, with promoter’s options starting at the rear. Any car involved in a caution is eliminated. Every five laps, a competition yellow flag will be displayed, and cars with a net loss in position will be called to exit the track.

**A checkered flag ends the final segment, with the winner earning $1,500 plus $100 for each position gained. All race participants will receive a free right rear tire courtesy of Hoosier.


**The field will be split for Thursday and Friday’s racing program with half the field competing on Thursday and the other half of the field competing on Friday.

**Thursday and Friday night will both feature a full program of racing consisting of 8-lap heat races and 10-lap qualifying races, followed by a 10-lap C-main (if needed), a 12-lap semi-feature and a 30-lap feature race paying $5,000-to-win.

**Points for the heats will be accumulated by finishing position and total number of positions advanced. Cars will be positioned into qualifying races based on the passing points accumulated in the heats.

**Total points from the heat races and qualifying races will be added to set the starting lineups for the prelim main events on Thursday and Friday. The top-16 overall in accumulated points will start straight-up in the first eight rows of Thursday and Friday’s A-Main feature.

**The top-3 feature finishers on each night’s prelim will be locked into Saturday’s feature. Prelim night finishers 4-17 will be slated for one of two semi-features on Saturday night. Prelim night feature finishers 18-22, plus finishers 7-15 in the semi-feature, will start in Saturday’s C-Main. Prelim night semi-feature finishers 16th on back will start in Saturday’s D-Main.

**All USAC National Midget licensed drivers and entrants will receive 50 appearance points during each night of their participation on Thursday and Friday.


**Hot laps and main events only will take place on Saturday night.

**E-Main (if needed): 10 laps, top-4 transfer (2 to each D-Main).

**2 D-Mains: 10 laps, top-4 transfer to the C-Main.

**2 C-Mains: 12 laps, top-4 transfer to the semi-feature.

**2 Semi-Features: 12 laps, top-4 transfer to the feature.

**Last Chance Race: 15 laps, top-8 transfer to the feature.

**The 39-lap feature will have 22 starters, plus two USAC provisional starters (if applicable) and two IMS options.

**All USAC National Midget licensed drivers and entrants will receive feature points only on Saturday based on their finishing position. All non-transfers will receive 10 points.


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