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  • Spencer Frady

CHILI BOWL: Seavey Gets Back-to-Back Drillers with '24 Win

Logan Seavey was able to hold off Buddy Kofoid in the 2024 Chili Bowl Nationals powered by NOS Energy Drink. Photo courtesy Chili Bowl Nationals - Photographer: Michael Fry Photo

Series News Release - Chili Bowl Nationals

Tulsa, Okla. (January 13, 2024) - Going back-to-back at the Chili Bowl Nationals powered by NOS Energy, Logan Seavey took advantage of a restart at the opening of the 55-lap affair and led nonstop Saturday night.


Stalked the entire race by Buddy Kofoid, the pair railed the cushion of the Tulsa Expo through the first half of the race before the line shifted low as the pair raced into traffic. Banking off the cushion and allowing Kofoid to close several times, there was never a moment where the KKM No. 71w was able to mount a charge for the lead.


“I had to focus on getting a few good laps up top before the bottom really cleaned off, and it’s so hard because you have the best guys in the world right behind you, and if you do move too soon, they’ll drive right by you, or it’s too late, and they’ll do the same thing,” said Seavey of his line change to secure the win. “I really like winning races for them [Kevin and Jordan Swindell]. This is the coolest race that I get to participate in and one of the coolest in the world.”


Kofoid came in second, followed by Corey Day to complete the podium. Making a massive run from the D-Feature, Oklahoma’s Daison Pursley advanced position 45 times to finally land fourth in the A-Feature. Hank Davis made up the top five.


Shane Golobic moved a trio of spots for sixth, followed by Tanner Carrick in seventh. Despite a damaged car after flipping during the pole shuffle, Spencer Bayston crossed eighth. Advancing from 18th, Michael Faccinto made it to ninth, with Jake Swanson in tenth.


The 2024 edition of the Chili Bowl Nationals powered by NOS Energy saw 380 entries turned in, with 365 drawing in officially. The 2025 dates will be January 13-18, 2024. Ticket information will be posted soon, with all ticket sales starting the first Wednesday in March.



Chili Bowl Nationals A Feature Results:


A Feature (55 Laps): 1. 39-Logan Seavey[2]; 2. 71W-Michael Kofoid[1]; 3. 41-Corey Day[4]; 4. 86-Daison Pursley[20]; 5. 29S-Hank Davis[5]; 6. 17W-Shane Golobic[9]; 7. 98-Tanner Carrick[3]; 8. 1S-Spencer Bayston[6]; 9. 5U-Michael Faccinto[18]; 10. 55A-Jake Swanson[10]; 11. 68K-Emerson Axsom[11]; 12. 67-Ryan Timms[8]; 13. 31B-Chase Johnson[13]; 14. 71K-Kale Drake[22]; 15. 27W-Colby Copeland[17]; 16. 1I-Briggs Danner[23]; 17. 11A-Andrew Felker[15]; 18. 5CB-Karter Sarff[24]; 19. (DNF) 88-Tanner Thorson[7]; 20. (DNF) 71P-Cannon McIntosh[21]; 21. (DNF) 5-Chase Briscoe[19]; 22. (DNF) 21J-Kameron Key[14]; 23. (DNF) 40X-Steven Snyder Jr[12]; 24. (DNF) 59-Michael Pickens[16]


Lap Leader: Logan Seavey 1-55

Hard Charger: Daison Pursley +16


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